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The big narratives of globalism and it’s billionaire families are ‘climate-change’ and ‘covid’, which we are supposed to fight ‘together’. Certainly, many Westerners are looking for a new shared story. Thus, an artificial ‘we’ of ‘planetarily conscious’ individuals is to be created. To this end, proponents also adapt legislation, with the Peace Palace in The Hague (The Netherlands – again) as the ideological epicentre. Every revolution – now ‘Transition’ – always wants to destroy the old culture and philosophy. It’s the Western like individual versus the Eastern like collective and climate as a new shared narrative resulting in totalitarian collectivism. A reconsideration of 2500 years of Western culture should provide at least as much solid ground for such efforts as shopping in ‘the East’. In the end, a Westerner can at best become a bad Easterner.

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Our society is changing rapidly. We are witnessing the greatest wealth transfer away from you. This (not so) Great Reset has imminent implications for you, your family, and your business.
At BOSS/MAKER, we ask questions about where things are going, what alternatives there are and help you to live as autonomously as possible with your #food, #birthtrust, #wealth, #trade, #community, #energy, and #education.
After the years with corona, the uncertainties about the future are great. Where is our society heading? Everyone understands temporary measures, when there is a state of emergency, which in many respects firmly establishes our fundamental rights as a new normal. But is it really that normal?
That’s why BOSS/MAKER pays extensive attention to our individual birth rights and offers everything you need to regain your autonomy both at home and at work.

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This is a perfect platform. You are the best people who make it all possible. Even without having knowledge, it’s easy to follow the steps for anyone who takes the time to read carefully. Thanks for that!

Tjisse from the Netherlands

I have just realized that being autonomous is a process of awareness. I now understand why it is so important to take the step. Not only energetically but also very practically I am really busy with my whole family and my company to change course.

Caroline from Switzerland

The entire BOSS/MAKER team is exceptionally creative and comes up with solid solutions. I am happy to be a part of it.

Vladimir from Slovakia

Compliments on your explanation of the differences between fiction and living (wo)man; it has become so clear to me now. Again, congratulations for all the hard work you do.

Michael from the United States

Thanks to BOSSMAKER we are where we are today. Super-autonomous, self-sufficient and empowered through the events, gatherings, documents but also just in an individual way, propagating that people have to take care of themselves. Following your mantras. Thank you, we are blessed that God has put you on our path. We bless you for the beautiful people you are and we pray for prosperity for you.

Regina from the Netherlands